May 15, 2017


DOMAIN Registration

Before registering a domain we should select a domain name as per our wish. Domain Name is a lens to identify your business. It should be recognizable & related to your business name, brand, and products when users search the internet for a particular product, rather than business name. To increase the chances of having your website found, register extra domain names that relate to your business or services.

A domain name is also derived as the door of the business. If you don’t have a domain name it can’t take part in the internet world, and it can be reachable only to less visitors. To take part in the web world or World Wide Web first select a domain name and register it to wander in the web world.


The Following Were Some Important Keywords to Frame a Domain Name:-


  • You can use characters 0-9, a-z and hyphen (-) can also be used in between, but a domain name should not starts or end with hyphen
  • Capital letters can also be used for the convenience.
  • Use short and simple domain names.
  • Use the name related to your product or business.
  • Use right keywords to increase your search engine rank position.

We ABIDE WEBSOLUTIONS will guide you to select your suitable domain name and register it accordingly